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I'm Tendai D. Merriweather, Coach Tee, the founder of The

Self-Carist. I have a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling, I'm a registered nurse, a licensed massage therapist, a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, a certified somatic practitioner and I was trained at the Mayo Clinic as a wellness and lifestyle coach.

I have a story. We all do. Mine is no different from yours. I'm a woman. A mother. An Ex-Wife. A daughter. A friend. An Entrepreneur. I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised. Harlem World! My life was a paradox of dysfunction, abuse, neglect, bullying, teen pregnancy, and divorce mingled with hope and the American dream. It wasn't all stress and strife. There were good and bad times along the way. I was a survivor.

Then one day, I realized that I no longer wanted to just survive, I wanted to thrive. Like you, I was told who I was and what I should be by others as they tried to define my life. I allowed them to make choices for me.  Not anymore. I am happily living the life I designed and it feels good. My story is not one of redemption, but rather, one of triumph. 

I'm on a Self-care mission. I empower men and women just like you each and every day to take care of themselves. I will give you the tools, the skills and permission to put yourself first. I provide valuable life skills through coaching to nurture, restore and revitalize people who have forgotten who they are and what their worth is. Women and men who have lost their mojo. I help them reclaim it. I love helping people to feel good again. Humans who want to thrive and not just survive. 

It just feels good. I am a nurturer. My heart and soul are happy and aligned when I am of service and caring for others. As a psychotherapist, nurse and coach, this is what I was taught. As a mother, this is what I did instinctively. As a woman, this is what feeds my soul and makes me feel complete. Coaching people to care for and love themselves completely, giving them the skills to be better in everything they do is extremely satisfying work. It makes me happy on so many levels and I feel fulfilled by doing so. It's my life's purpose and my passion.

My Why

My Mission

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